Vehicle Wrap Tools


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3M Power Grip Rivet Brush 1"
Burnish film over rivets with ease because this tool's large handle grip is comfortable and encourages full arm movement. 

Our price: $13.30

Avery Tool Belt

Z1061-S Avery Tool Belt

Our price: $31.02

Knifeless Perf Line Tape

Knifeless tape is one of the most innovative products to hit the wrap market. It allows installers to trim using the filament tapes rather than knives.  Trimming is done without the use of knives, so the possibility of damage to the vehicle paint is minimized.

Our price: $29.98

Knifeless TriLine Tape

Available in 6.0 mm or 9.0 mm width

Three ultra fine filaments to create guaranteed cuts for striping, accents and designing

Our price: $35.95

Learn to Wrap Cars with Justin Pate

Learn to Wrap Cars with Justin Pate DVDs

Our price: $99.99

OLAF SVR-2 Auto-Lock Stainless Steel Cutter

9mm SVR-2 Auto-Lock Stainless Steel Cutter

Our price: $6.71

OLFA SVR-1 Stainless Steel Cutter

 5018 SVR-1 Stainless Steel Cutter

Our price: $6.36

Rapid Remover

For removing adhesives quickly without damage or mess

Our price: $6.61

Rivet Brush Applicator

Rivet Brush Applicator
A round wooden handled brush with stiff bristles for conforming vinyl over rivets commonly found on truck trailer bodies.

Our price: $7.37

Sooper Chair Vinyl Installation Chair

Sooper Chair Vinyl Installation Chair

Our price: $40.81

Torpedo Tool

The Torpedo Tool is designed for the use of vinyl lettering, signs and graphics

Our price: $31.50

Xtreme Magz (With Pull Tab or Handle)

Xtreme Magz (With Pull Tab or Handle)

Our price: $54.05

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