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Sandblast Mask


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Hartco 310 10.0 mil Series Sandmask
10.0 mil A highly durable thin gauge resist for low pressure applications to attain shallow to medium sandblast depth

Our price: $124.35

Hartco 535 35.0 mil Regular Grip Adhesive with Paper Liner

35.0 mil thick Heavy duty sandmask resist designed to hold up under the toughest blasting conditions.

User friendly, cuts clearly by hand or computer.

Holds up to 120 PSI for extended periods of time.

Designed to use on smooth concrete, glazed brick, polished stone, and other surfaces that require high blasting pressure.

Also available in high grip adhesive for industrial applications, as well as stone, brick, concrete, and monument substrates with porous surfaces

Our price: $122.48

Hartco 930 30.0 mil Series Sandmask
30.0 mil resist is the toughest, most flexible, and versatile stencil ever developed

Our price: $115.13