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Results Max Heat Press

Built with the best construction and electronic components, the Results™ MAX Auto Open Heat Press high standards enable you to multi-task while helping to avoid over-application and ruined garments. The gas springs allows the platen to distribute the pressure evenly which allows for the best results when transfering images. The copper heating elements heat up quickly and effectively.

Our price: $899.00

Results Max Heat Press Stand

This adjustable height heat press stand is perfect for setting up custom work stations. Improve safety and comfort by setting perfect height for individual press operator.  

Our price: $189.00

DC Digital Combo Attachments Mug, Plate, Cube, Cap

Attachments for the Digital Combo Press. These allow you to print on T-shirts, Caps, Plates, Mugs, Memo Cubes, and much more.

Our price: $386.88

DC16 Digital Combo 14 x 16 Multipurpose Swing-Away Heat Press.
Fully digital 14 inch X 16 inch swing-away press

Our price: $1,185.44

DK16 and DK20 - Digital Knight Clamshell Press

The Digital Knight Clamshell Press

Our price: $967.20

DK20 Auto Release Pop-Up Upgrade

The DK20 Auto Release Pop-Up Upgrade

Our price: $289.00

DK20S - Digital Knight Swinger Press

The Digital Knight Swinger Press 

Our price: $1,438.40

DK3 - Digital Knight Mug Press

The Digital Knight Mug Press 

Our price: $744.00

DK7 - Digital Knight Cap Press

DK7 - Digital Knight Cap Press

Our price: $590.24

DK8 - Digital Knight Label Press

Fully digital 6 inch x 8 inch heat sealer

Our price: $644.80

DKA-Stand Universal Stand

Heavy duty solid steel stand. Makes space for tight locations and fully compatible with models: DK20S, DK20SP, DC16, DC16AP, DK20, and DK16

Our price: $292.64

JP12 and JP14 - JetPress Swinger

The JetPress Swinger

Our price: $276.77

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