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Application Squeegees


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100% Felt Squeegee

100% Felt Squeegee - Half Moon Shape

Our price: $5.04

3" Rubber Roller

Z1006-S Avery 3 inch Rubber Roller

Our price: $24.85

3M Blue 4" Squeegee

3M 4 inch Squeegee

Our price: $1.16

3M Gold 4" Squeegee

3M Gold 4 inch Squeegee

Our price: $4.51

3M Low Friction Sleeves

3M Low Friction Sleeves

Our price: $2.69

4" EMC White Teflon Squeegee

4 inch EMC White Teflon Squeegee

Our price: $1.48

6" Teflon Squeegee

6 inch Teflon Squeegee

Our price: $2.37

Alumalite® Squeegees

Alumalite® Squeegees are used by professional shops and installers. Made of lightweight aluminum for easy use, solid construction and years of use.

The sooper-glide felt edges make for a smooth application with no harm to the sign or substrate. Be sure to watch our videos online to see how fast and easy these tools are.

Our price: $62.40

Avery Blue Felt Wrapped Squeegee

Z1058-S Avery Blue Felt Wrapped Squeegees

Our price: $5.46

Avery Red Pro Flex Squeegee

A red, softer and more flexible squeegee with a felt edge that will not scratch or mar the surface of digital prints or specialty vinyl. Ideal for 3D applications, deep corrugations and curved applications like pillars and car bumpers.

Our price: $5.35

Blue 6" Squeegee

Blue 6 inch Squeegee

Our price: $1.13

EMC 4" Gold Squeegee

EMC 4 inch Gold Squeegee

Our price: $1.87

Emc 4" Squeegee

EMC 4 inch Squeegee

Our price: $0.95

EZ-Grip w/4" EMC White Squeegee

EZ-Grip w/4inch EMC White Squeegee

Our price: $5.56

EZ-Grip w/6" EMC White Squeegee

EZ-Grip w/6 inch EMC White Squeegee

Our price: $8.35

EZ-Grip w/6" Nylon Squeegee

EZ-Grip w/6  inch Nylon Squeegee

Our price: $8.64

Felt Applicator

Half-moon Felt Applicator

Our price: $5.04

Nylon 6" Squeegee

Nylon 6 inch Squeegee

Our price: $2.66

Plain 4" Squeegee

Plain 4 inch Squeegee

Our price: $0.72

Roller Squeegee Brayer

Roller Squeegee/Brayer

Available in 3, 6 and 12 Inches

Great for rolling out vinyl or tapes when extra pressure may be needed.

Our price: $14.00

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